Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption

Essential for Seeking Donations and Grants

Need help applying for the 501(c)(3)? You have come to the right place! CharityNet USA is one of the nation’s top 501(c)(3) service providers, with experience helping over 10,000 nonprofits and among the best prices in the country. We can prepare all of the necessary documentation to secure your organization’s tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The recognition of your organization as 501(c)(3) tax exempt by the IRS offers numerous advantages and is critical to helping your organization get more donations. The primary benefits of 501(c)(3) status include tax deductions for all donors, grant money eligibility, lower postage rates, and increased credibility among the public.

Don’t put your organization at risk or lose donations by using inexperienced volunteers or companies to process your 501(c)(3) tax exemption. Ask the hard questions:  How many successful applications have you processed? Do you offer guaranteed approval? Do you help with IRS questions? Do you help with state tax exemptions or charity registration?

low-price-guarantee We work with clients nationwide. We guarantee approval of the 501(c)(3) status, and we work fast to get you approved sooner. The IRS application process is time-consuming, tedious and complex. When done incorrectly, it can add months of delays. Allow us to complete your application quickly and correctly. In some cases, 501(c)(3) approval has been achieved in less than 30 days.

Our service includes application preparation of your 1023 form, a review of your organizing documents, and IRS follow-up. We also help our clients with incorporation, bylaws, state tax exemptions and other nonprofit document preparation.

Interested in receiving tax exempt advantages for your organization but don’t fall under 501(c)(3)? There are many other sections of 501(c) that provide different tax benefits.

At CharityNet USA, we understand charitable organizations have limited funding. That’s why our services are priced so low. Best of all, we support you with other solutions such as fundraising ideas to help you get your  501(c)(3) without having to use your limited funds.

Please note our fees to prepare your application do not include government filing fees from the state or the IRS.

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Lowest Price Guarantee

Our commitment is to offer you the lowest prices on the 501c3 services, and that’s a promise.  However, if you happen to find a cheaper advertised price on identical services by our competitor – even if it’s on sale or after 30 days of your purchase we will match it!

*Must be for the same services and posted online or in an official quote