Form 990 Tax Preparation

Accurate and Timely Filing of IRS Forms 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF

Filing Form 990 is not only important for the nonprofit organization, it’s also the law! Public trust and confidence are the foundations of the nonprofit sector. To keep that trust, nonprofits must show that they are accountable and responsible.

The IRS Form 990 provides a wealth of financial and program information to enable regulators, funders, journalists, and the others to measure a nonprofit’s performance. To ensure transparency and trust, a copy of the 990 form must be provided to anyone who asks! Additionally, 990 tax forms for nonprofit organizations are posted for public view on the internet. These 990 forms are the most widely used tools for evaluating tax-exempt organizations.

Schools, health and welfare organizations, business leagues, civic associations, museums, private foundations, and a myriad other nonprofit organizations must file this form annually. The preparation of Forms 990, 990-N, 990-EZ, 990-PF, and 990-T is important, not only as financial documents, but also as a means of communicating an organization’s mission and accomplishments to the public.

The fact that the 990 is considered an accurate and official document results in all sorts of people using the Form 990 for research. In a recent grant funding study, two out of three grant-makers asked for the Form 990, and one out of three said that the data influenced their final decision. And while many individual donors may not be currently familiar with the Form 990, this will change and nonprofits should prepare now!

Nonprofits who simply use their 990 for tax return compliance, are missing out on a marketing opportunity. You should put your 990 to work for you and reap the benefits of promoting your nonprofit to donors and foundations!

Currently, the new Form 990 is a far more complex tax return, particularly since the IRS completely revised the form in 2008. The IRS now essentially requires that nonprofits and associations adopt certain policies and make far more disclosures than ever.

CharityNet has served thousands of nonprofits with this form. We understand the requirements and we are available to help prepare your Form 990 tax return anywhere in the USA at an affordable fee.

To learn more about our 990 services, please view the video and product information links. Ready to get started? Click on the live chat or contact us today.

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