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5 Social Media Time Management Tips for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization you are well aware that social media marketing is an inexpensive way to promote your mission, communicate with your current supporters and attract potential donors. Social media allows you to engage with supporters, answer their questions,

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Strategic Planning: Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Most of us know that planning is a way of looking forward and deciding what we will do in the future. We plan our personal lives in detail from our youth- what we will be when we grow up, what

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4 Must-Know Items for Nonprofit Startups

Being a business executive is difficult, but starting a new business can be so overwhelming that you lose interest altogether. You bog yourself down with the business name and startup costs to the point that you allow the core of

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Website Development for Your Nonprofit

A crucial component of a nonprofit organizations’ plan for success is the development of a website. When starting a nonprofit, most are oblivious to the 191 million consumers now online and the potential there is to share their vision with

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Ideas to Help With Funding While You Wait for Your Grant

If you’ve been reading our blogs about grants you should know by now what a grant writing proposal contains, why it’s so important for your organization, and how to make sure your organization is ready for grants. We have mention

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Why is a Strategic Plan Important for Your Nonprofit Organization?

A nonprofit strategic plan steers the organization on the path to success. It is the framework that determines where an organization is going over the next years or more, how it’s going to get there, and how it will know

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Website Tips That Generate Donations!

Did you always dream about starting your own nonprofit organization and making it successful?  Here at CharityNet USA, we know what a huge step you’ve made by making your dream a reality.  We get it, starting your own nonprofits is

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Tips for Making Your Organization Grant Ready

Once you have established a nonprofit organization you might encounter the lack of financial help needed to operate on a day to day basis. Organizations usually receive their income by donations and fundraising, which leaves out revenue by not applying

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Social Media Marketing is a Daily Commitment

Nonprofit social media networks can raise awareness, build loyalty, increase credibility, impact reputation, inform audiences, address concerns, influence media interest and strengthen relationships with supporters. How can your messages be more effective and reach more people in the nonprofit social media

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Strategic Plan Tip of the Week

By now, if you have been following our blogs, you should be a strategic plan expert for your organization. You know what elements a strategic plan contain, you know why having one is important, and most importantly you know that

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