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Social Media Marketing is a Daily Commitment

Nonprofit social media networks can raise awareness, build loyalty, increase credibility, impact reputation, inform audiences, address concerns, influence media interest and strengthen relationships with supporters. How can your messages be more effective and reach more people in the nonprofit social media

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Strategic Plan Tip of the Week

By now, if you have been following our blogs, you should be a strategic plan expert for your organization. You know what elements a strategic plan contain, you know why having one is important, and most importantly you know that

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5 Things to Ask Before Building a Nonprofit Website

There are thousands of dreadful websites on the Internet. If your website is not user-friendly and reputable, how do you expect donors to actually give you money? Whether you’re looking to build a simple website or a more complex and

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Cost-effective Marketing Plan Resources to Generate Awareness

As a nonprofit director, do you feel like you’re constantly up against competition with large budgets for traditional marketing methods? Are you constantly losing against the major nonprofit with deep pockets in the battle for donors? It may be time to

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Why Your 501(c)(3) Status is Necessary

Nonprofit Does Not Mean Tax Exempt A common misconception in our field of work is the notion that an organization is exempt from paying taxes simply due to the fact that it has been organized as a nonprofit. Unfortunately, this

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Is Your Nonprofit Grant-ready?

Is Your Nonprofit Grant-ready? In the public and nonprofit sectors, foundation and government grant funding is a major source of operational revenue. For those working in an organization’s development department, knowing the steps involved, having eloquent writing skills-including exceptional spelling

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Top 9 Burning Questions You Have about Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors appear to be all over the place in today’s world. Take the World Cup, for instance. Hard to envision what the soccer field would look like without those pervasive Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony banners. It’s not just the

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Nonprofits Don’t Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan

Nonprofits Don’t Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan You’ve heard it before, a strategic plan is important because it’s a roadmap for your organization to align their goals in the right direction. But why is it REALLY important? A

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Marketing Plans- An essential tool for your nonprofit

With the explosion of internet popularity and mobile devices over the last several years, the marketing landscape has become quite overwhelming. We have moved way beyond a listing in the yellow pages, a few strategically-placed ads and coupons, and a

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Branding and graphic design ideas to get your nonprofit noticed

Symbols, logos, colors and graphics are an important part of the nonprofit branding process. Brands are living things. They communicate, act and react. Create experiences. Build relationships. But how will your nonprofit branding do these things? What will define your style and expression? How

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