Outsourcing Your Non Profit Marketing

Non profit marketing solutions for success For most starting non profit organizations, it is difficult to determine all the ways which to convey your mission, vision, and brand to the community let alone nationally. Whether you have programming that is niche or considered essential to the community such as social services, marketing your organization shortly […]

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The Critical Steps Before Starting a Non Profit

Knowing everything necessary for the 1023 application You are ready to start a non profit organization, but you are not sure where to begin. The process can be very overwhelming and confusing if you are not properly prepared and do not have quality support. Fortunately there are many places you can go for help and […]

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Tax Form & Compliance After Obtaining 501 Status

Filing your IRS Tax Form 990 is vital to keeping your 501c3 status Your dream has become a reality. The cause that is your passion has been transformed into a functional organization. You’ve established a board, clarified your mission, adopted bylaws, incorporated, and achieved 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. While extensive efforts have […]

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Online Nonprofit Marketing

Marketing solutions to grow your nonprofit Internet marketing is essential to any nonprofit. It allows you to get the word out, encourage return support, build reputation and gain valuable knowledge about your target audience just to name a few. As a nonprofit, one of the biggest challenges you will face when it comes to internet marketing and […]

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Strategic Planning for Successful Nonprofits

Strategic planning for your nonprofit or charity Dictionary.com defines Success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. To become successful in life, one must have a plan of action or strategy. In order for a nonprofit to be successful, the organization must also have a plan. Most commonly, nonprofits refer to what […]

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Website Design for Your Nonprofit

Creating Charitable Websites that Rise Above the Rest   Today’s nonprofits (NPO) are realizing that the presence of increased competition in the sector is necessitating exceptional promotion of their organizations. Nonprofit administrators are continually developing new marketing and fundraising strategies to help them become better communicators of their missions, to foster growth, and to increase the […]

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Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Developing a Public Service Announcement for Inclusion in your Nonprofit Marketing Plan A Public Service Announcement (PSAs) first aired in the 1940’s during World War II as a means of boosting morale. Over time, they shifted away from a national propaganda focus and began to highlight special national issues concerning all Americans, especially in the nonprofit […]

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IRS Website Forms for Nonprofits

What are all these IRS website forms for nonprofits? Running a business means you have to deal with all types of report forms. Everyone is gathering their financial documents and preparing for their annual filing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), part of the US Department of Treasury. You will have forms coming from both your […]

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Nonprofit Grants: How to Write a Proposal

A Look at the Ins and Outs of Nonprofit Grant Writing One of the best ways for nonprofit organizations to acquire the capital funding necessary to operate their programs is to search for an open request for proposal. Nonprofit grants, government grants, and federal grants generally are given to organizations from the local, state or federal […]

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