Capacity Building

Actions That Improve Nonprofit Effectiveness

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to get started—and once started—to sustain their operations. However, building your organization’s capacity to effectively operate may assist you with realizing the dreams that prompted you to start the organization.

Capacity building has fast become a major topic among nonprofits and management support organizations that provide services to charities. While there are a variety of definitions for capacity building, perhaps the most fundamental definition is “actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness.”

Unfortunately, all too many nonprofits focus on creating new programs and keeping administrative costs low instead of building the organizational capacity necessary to achieve their aspirations effectively and efficiently.

This must change; nonprofit managers must recognize that excellence in programmatic innovation and implementation are insufficient to achieve lasting results. Great programs need great organizations behind them.

Capacity building encompasses all of the activities that improve an organization’s ability to achieve its mission. In short, capacity building is growing a healthy organization that is able to achieve its mission effectively and sustain itself over the long term. Capacity building develops an organization’s core skills and capabilities by strengthening its leadership, management, financial management, fundraising, programs, and evaluative methods.

Key factors for building a healthy organization:

  • Strong Board of Directors
  • Good Strategic Planning
  • Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Strong Infrastructure
  • Updated Fiscal Systems
  • Effective Management
  • Strong Service Delivery
  • Sustainability
  • Good Communication
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities

These initiatives ultimately result in the development of adequate organizational resources, particularly when measured against the challenges and critical issues that your organization was established to address. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, and enhances the organizations’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.

CharityNet USA strives to assist organizations in reaching their capacity, allowing them to achieve their mission. We can provide your organization with everything from one-on-one board and organization consultations and strategic planning, to board bio development, board policy manuals, marketing, and much more.

Some of our key nonprofit services include:

To learn more about our capacity building services, please view the video and product information links. Ready to get started? Click on the live chat or contact us today.

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