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Establish a Fundraising Plan That Builds Capital

Fundraising is an essential activity for all start-up nonprofit organizations. Many will try to avoid fundraising believing that once they have the 501(c)(3) status, donations will be easy. This is a big mistake.

Others may focus on grant writing, expecting a “miracle check” to help them start or grow the organization. This is also a mistake, especially when you don’t have a good website, a strategic plan, success stories, or other business fundamentals in place.

Successful nonprofit organizations are those that develop a diverse set of income strategies to help provide revenue for the organization. While fundraising may seem to be a lot of work, it is critical that it becomes a regular part of the organization’s activities. Some charities or nonprofit organizations may have as many as 8-12 events planned for the year.

Now that you understand the importance of raising funds, you start by recruiting a team. CharityNet can help you with a variety of fundraising ideas and tips to help you get started. Learn more about recruiting and motivating a fundraising team.

Once your team is established, the next step is to review ideas to decide which works best for your organization. You may want to start with simple fundraising ideas first, to get your team some experience, and then move on to more complex, but higher-producing events. CharityNet also provides a few solutions such as corporate sponsorship and the 10×10 program.

10X10 Program

The 10×10 program is a variety of planned events to help raise $10,000 in 10 weeks. These events are coordinated and implemented by your fundraising team. These fundraising events will provide you with the funding to invest in essential business solutions, as well as to raise money to launch bigger and more complex future fundraising campaigns! Learn more about the 10×10 program.

To learn more about our fundraising services, please view the video and product information links. Ready to get started? Click on the live chat or contact us today and get a free consultation and organizational assessment.

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