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We Know How to Start a Charity From the Ground Up

Want to start a charity? Congratulations! Starting a charity or nonprofit can be very rewarding but very complex as well. In addition to providing your services, you must also hire, train and manage employees or volunteers, maintain compliance with government regulations, understand your market, and position your nonprofit start-up to grow.

Donations do not come easily, and the odds of failing are high. Therefore planning and working with an experienced team is essential.

CharityNet USA serves as a nonprofit start-up center. We can help you with many of your needed start-up solutions, so you can focus on implementing your services, raising money, and doing what you feel passionate about.

Key steps to start a charity:

  • Elect a Board of Directors and Officers
  • Obtain an EIN via IRS Form SS4
  • Prepare Articles of Incorporation
  • Adopt Bylaws
  • Obtain 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption
  • File For State Tax Exemption
  • File Charity Solicitation Registration
  • Prepare Meeting Minutes of Board of Directors
  • Recruit & Train a Fundraising Team
  • Develop a Strategic Plan
  • Develop Marketing Strategies
  • Develop a Website
  • Develop a Corporate Sponsorship Program
  • Develop a Grant Solicitation Strategy
  • Develop Board of Directors Duties
  • Develop Organizational Policy Handbook

Our nonprofit start-up services include:

To learn more about our nonprofit start-up services, please view the video and product information links. Ready to get started? Click on the live chat or contact us today.


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