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As the leading nonprofit resource center, we have provided solutions to over 12,000 nonprofits and charities nationwide. Whether you are a philanthropist in the process of starting a charity, or you have already established a nonprofit and are now ready to grow, we have the resources and management experience to help you start or expand your organization.

Because we operate as a nonprofit resource center, we can help you with many of the start-up or growth solutions, so you can focus on implementing your services and do what you feel passionate about. Whereas many companies offer only a select number of services, our company is all-encompassing. This means we can provide all of the essential charity solutions needed from start-up to finish in one stop.

Our nonprofit services include: 501(c)(3) tax exemption, grant proposal writing, foundation research, web design, fundraising ideas, branding, graphic design, marketing and more. We truly believe in working together to ignite the growth of your organization. Feel free to browse our website and check out our videos, webinars, and resources, or click on the services tab in the menu bar to view each of our services and solutions .

At CharityNet USA, we understand your mission is big but your funds are small. Our prices are structured to fit your nonprofit budget, while still providing professional resources and services that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Best of all we can help you with easy fundraising ideas along with easy payment plans. Let’s get started to make your nonprofit or charity dreams a reality!

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