Nonprofit Grants: How to Write a Proposal

A Look at the Ins and Outs of Nonprofit Grant Writing One of the best ways for nonprofit organizations to acquire the capital funding necessary to operate their programs is to search for an open request for proposal. Nonprofit grants, government grants, and federal grants generally are given to organizations from the local, state or federal […]

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Make more money by fundraising effectively!

Many new nonprofit organizations go through the battle of whether or not they should participate in fundraising. Fundraising can be a wonderful tool in a nonprofit organization. Fundraising can be an ideal way to raise funds because people feel as if they are getting “something” (whether it be cookies, a car wash, a snack, t-shirt, […]

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Need Funds? How about $10,000 in 10 Weeks?


Need Funds? How about $10,000 in 10 Weeks? So you have obtained your 501(c)(3), now what?  Most nonprofit organizations find out that even with the tax exempt status donations do no not come quickly. Grants and major donors prefer to give to well established organizations who can demonstrate a record of success and self sustainability.  Therefore, building your organization’s capacity and […]

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Where’s All the Free Money?

 How often do you worry about funding your organization? Do you lose sleep at night wondering how you’ll find the revenue necessary to fund all the activities your organization was created to produce? What steps have you taken to get to where you need to be? I’ve worked with dozens of grassroots nonprofits that have […]

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11 Easy Nonprofit Fundraisers, New Ideas for Great Results!

11 Easy Nonprofit Fundraisers, New Ideas for Great Results! by Thomas R. Reich PhD 1)      Super Healthy Smoothie Event – Get a table or stand at the local fair, farmers market, church bazaar or flea market and sell fresh in-season fruit smoothies.  Have the fruit and other ingredients donated and have all your members and […]

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